... a Linux based PVR with QOS.


Caution: this is a draft version.


We plan to use the BossaBox as a medium to demonstrate that the use of specific scheduling policies to garantee Quality Of Service (QOS) is easy to implement with Bossa[link].

For this we want to set up a complete PVR system, with programs to watch divx or mp3 files and simultaneously be able to record a tv program. The QOS will be garanteed by scheduling policies developped jointly with these programs

User-space programs

Interface program with nice animations, probably using the EFL[link] library. Needs QOS for the animations (rolling menus, twinkling items, ...)

Media player to play movies or audio files. Needs QOS to display a fluid playback even while recording TV programmes.

Media recorder to record tv programmes.

Watching TV, phone ring, you can pause, and get back to what you where watching.

Scheduling management

A hierarchy of scheduling policies: probably one for the media programs and one for the rest of the programs. The media scheduling policy should be able to schedule periodic task and should offer an interface to the programs enabling QOS features (degraded levels of quality, ...)